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FreedomVoice 1-800 Number Service Review

Plan   FreedomStart
Free Trial   15 days
Monthly Fee   $9.95
Annual Payment Discount   N/A
Activation Fee   Free
Included Minutes   300
Overage Rate   $0.05
866, 877, 888 Number   Free
800 Number   $10 setup fee
Vanity Number   $30 setup fee
Port Numbers?   $20 one-time fee
Keep Your Number?   No
Fax Compatibility   Yes
Voicemail   Yes
Phone System Features   Yes
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Plan Reviewed: FreedomStart


  • Low monthly fee


  • $30 fee to port in an existing number


FreedomVoice has revamped their toll free number plans, and their plans are now more aligned with how their competitors charge. With the FreedomStart plan, you get a 15 day free trial to test out the service. After the free trial, it costs $9.95 monthly for 300 included minutes. Their service now includes the ability to send and receive faxes through your toll free number.