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Phone.com 1-800 Number Service Review

Plan   Shared Minutes
Free Trial   30 days
Monthly Fee   $9.99
Annual Payment Discount   N/A
Activation Fee   Free
Included Minutes   100
Overage Rate   $0.039
866, 877, 888 Number   Free
800 Number   Free
Vanity Number   Free
Port Numbers?   Free
Keep Your Number?   Yes
Fax Compatibility   Yes
Voicemail   Yes
Phone System Features   Yes
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Plan Reviewed: Shared Minutes


  • "800" number is offered at no additional cost
  • Full phone system functionality
  • Auto Attendant program available
  • 30 day free trial
  • Free to port (transfer) your number


  • There were no notable cons at the time of review


Phone.com offers the best value for a user looking for an inexpensive 800 number with an above average amount of minutes. Also, PBXCompare users will get 20% off their first six months of bills by using the coupon code presented when clicking any of the visit website or sign up now links for Phone.com. In addition to good pricing, the company has great customer service as well as lots of expansion and feature options.

Phone.com's 800 service has no activation fee, includes 100 minutes and is priced right at our market standard. By only charging 3.9¢ per overage minute, the Shared Minutes plan is better than our market standard of 6¢ per minute. Phone.com's Shared Minutes plan inclues an 800 and vanity numbers as well as 866, 877, or 888 number at no extra cost. Most companies charge about $25 for a true 800 number or a vanity number, so Phone.com is unique in this aspect of its pricing.

Phone.com also offers the opportunity to build your business' brand and improve visibility by featuring the option to create a vanity number. With a vanity 800, 888, 877, or 866 number the user can spell out the company name or a descriptive reference using the last 7 digits of the phone number.  Acquiring 800 service through Phone.com's Shared Minutes package also includes complete virtual phone system functionality. If desired, the user can set up an auto attendant, call forwarding, extensions, hold music as well as call handling rules. Customer service is available through live chat and phone support and our research team found Phone.com to be very helpful throughout the testing process.